How I Use My… iPhone Home Screen

by Michael Camilleri

I’ve been thinking for a while about a series of posts describing how I use things. Since my iPhone is the device I use most, it seemed like the logical place to begin.

I imagine that I use my iPhone home screen differently to most people. Here’s a screenshot:

iPhone Home Screen

As is quickly evident, I keep the home screen basically filled with Apple’s default apps. The third party apps I use the most are actually on screen two:

Second Home Screen

Why this setup? There are two reasons.

The first is that I have a thing for things being in ‘factory condition’. I don’t take it to the extreme of leaving my living room furniture in plastic wrap, but I get close. When I was a child, I would not play very much with my toys in the traditional manner, preferring instead to construct diaromas where the toys were put into their ’natural state’ and left to be admired.

The second, and more practical, reason is that having my second screen be my ’real home screen’ means I have 27 ’icon slots’ of iPhone real estate within a single swipe (31 if you count the four slots in the iPhone’s dock). This is because if I go left to the first home screen, I have nine slots and if I go right to the third home screen, I have nine slots. These together with the nine on the second screen equal 27. This compare with just 18 if you do things the traditional way.

I imagine for many people this might seem silly. Why not just use folders if you’re so worried about the number of icons you can fit on a single screen? Well, the problem is that I much prefer the look of an icon rather than a collection of folders. I am often aghast when I pick up someone’s iPhone only to find row after row of folders.1

I’ve yet to meet anyone that uses their home screens like this but figure there probably are some other second screen weirdos out there.2 But what about you? How do you use your smart phone home screen?

  1. To understand what my face looks like you need to imagine a nineteenth century Southern plantation owner being told that his slaves have inalienable rights and must be set free. It’s exactly like that. 

  2. Noah’s Law: No matter how idiosyncratic your predilection, someone else on the Internet shares it.