Thank You Google

by Michael Camilleri

Dear Google


Thanks for Google Search. Thanks for Google Maps. Thanks for Gmail. Thanks for YouTube. Thanks for Google Calendar. Thanks for Google Chrome.

I use these services every day and they are awesome.

I am almost 30 and remember when web-based email was a joke. I remember when we didn’t need thumbnails for our online videos because the online videos were thumbnails. I remember when the idea of using an online map seemed ridiculous. I remember when searching was, literally, an exercise in futility.

I am under no illusion that these services are free. I realise there’s a transaction going on.

Some people seem to think that if your business model revolves around advertising then you’ll never have my best interests first and foremost. I tend to think every business cares about itself first and foremost. What I’d like is honesty. I think this becomes more difficult as the relationship involves more people. But it is not impossible.

I’ll certainly admit I’m disappointed in you from time to time. More so recently than before. Most of the time it’s because I think you’re worrying about the wrong things. Please don’t worry about Facebook. Or Apple. Or Amazon. Or whoever is really successful next week.

Worry about solving problems. You’re pretty good at that.