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A Phony Argument

For reasons that are still a bit of a mystery to me, the Monthly’s weekday newsletter, PoliticOZ, linked to the not particularly good essay Not-so-Phony Tony yesterday. I actually began reading the piece wanting to like it. The premise of the essay, that people’s dislike of Abbott is primarily an emotional thing, was intriguing and […]

A Letter to John Siracusa or: Why Executives Are Never Fired

Dear John I’m taking your advice that if I have a comment in response to something you’ve said on your podcast Hypercritical, the best thing to do is to write a blog post about it so that other people can read it and benefit from it. In the latest episode, you discussed, among other things, […]

Curiosity and the Velvet Rope

Last year I was waiting in an airport when I saw a young boy of about 4 or 5 unhook one end of a velvet rope from a pole and hook it to another pole. He then unhooked the rope, looked at it and then hooked it back again. As soon as he’d done this, […]

What's Wrong with Stating the Obvious?

I woke up this morning to read this piece by Latoya Peterson regarding the New York Comic Con panel ‘East Meets West: Art Direction for a Worldwide Audience’ (the piece was originally published on Racialicious). The panel featured Isamu Kamikokuryo, the art director of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, the art director of Deux […]

'Because I had lunch this afternoon, not gay lunch.'

The Wonderful Wizard quoting Liz Feldman.

The World's Most Cited Encyclopaedia

Like many multi-component characters, Omega Supreme typically demonstrates impossible transformations. Most often this involves the Autobots traveling to a location in the rocket, made only of Omega Supreme’s arms, the rocket will then split in two and the rest of Omega Supreme’s body seems to magically materialize out of the ground. Other times, Omega Supreme’s […]

To Whoa or not to Woah?

The OED lists woah as a variant of woa which is a variant of whoa, which is a variant of the interjection who (not to be confused with the pronoun who–the interjection is pronounced as wo–which is also a variant of all these), which came into the language as a variant of ho! Here are […]

Do Women Have Enough Time to Be 'Successful'?

Isobelle Clare brings a feminist perspective to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: I don’t argue with the claim that practice makes perfect, or even that practice is more important than innate talent. However I do think that this criteria also explains why all Gladwell’s examples are men. Women’s lives are often a balancing act as they try […]

What Do I Listen To? 2011

In October of last year I moved permanently to Japan. Because I now work from home, my podcasting habits have been affected somewhat. I do still make time for podcasts but I’m not as desperate as I once was and I find it more difficult to force myself to, say, listen to my Japanese podcasts, […]

What Do I Listen To? 2010

These just seem to get later every year, don’t they? Initially it was January, then February, now it’s March. It’s probably good that I waited a couple of months, though, because there’s a few new ones that have snuck in just in time. Let’s see what I’m listening to this year and how many sentences […]