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Month: September, 2006

Is This a Date?

OK, well it appears I may have got myself a date with one of the students at school. Since I don’t speak very good English I’m not entirely sure what I agreed to do. All I know is that last week one of the students was asking the Japanese Teacher of English (JTE) about something […]

First Experiences

Well I’ve been teaching for two weeks now and I feel like it’s time I gave you all a bit of an update on how that’s going. I will begin by saying that I teach at the Sakai Municipal Technical High School, or in Japanese さかいしりつ こうぎょう こうとうがっこう (hereafter ‘Ichiko’). This is my first time […]

Purchasing Power

Well there’s been a number of purchases since I last posted and I feel like I should bring you all up to speed on what products I’ve been out there buying with the Japanese Government’s money. I’ll try to post in the new couple of days regarding work, etc but the important things first, right? […]