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Month: March, 2012

The Mark of a Masterpiece

This story is actually from 2010 so if you’ve seen it already you can skip it. But if you haven’t, I cannot recommend this highly enough. Fantastic writing.

How I Use My… iPhone Home Screen

I’ve been thinking for a while about a series of posts describing how I use things. Since my iPhone is the device I use most, it seemed like the logical place to begin. I imagine that I use my iPhone home screen differently to most people. Here’s a screenshot: As is quickly evident, I keep […]

Redemptive Reactionaries

This is a really good essay from Mark Lilla on the evolution of conservative politics in the United States. He explains that the important change has been the rise of redemptive reactionaries: people ‘who think the only way forward is to destroy what history has given us and wait for a new order to emerge […]

What's Wrong with Google?

Mat Honan: Google may have to get us to use Google+ if it wants to remain relevant. But it should be able to go about that in a fundamentally honest fashion. If it can’t keep its promises, if it can’t avoid resorting to trickery, if it can’t keep itself from subverting the power of its […]

Rock's Departure from the Mainstream

Fascinating article by Will Layman about how rock music can handle its transition to niche after being the dominant popular music form for so long.

Curiosity and the Velvet Rope

Last year I was waiting in an airport when I saw a young boy of about 4 or 5 unhook one end of a velvet rope from a pole and hook it to another pole. He then unhooked the rope, looked at it and then hooked it back again. As soon as he’d done this, […]

Is Money the Problem in Politics?

As a tie-in to my link to the Lessig video I posted yesterday, here’s Ezra Klien’s review of Lessig’s ‘Republic, Lost’ for the New York Review of Books. Klein isn’t so convinced that money is the root problem with US politics.


Incredible radio.

Lawrence Lessig’s ‘Buying Votes’

I wish I could employ Lawrence Lessig just to make presentations every day.

The New iPad

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever bought an Apple device on the date it was released and I thought that I’d take the opportunity to share my first impressions. This isn’t a review. There are plenty of those around if you want to know if you should get one. Instead, here are three thoughts. […]