Perhaps you’re interested in reading more from inqk.net but the thought of having to manually check this web site every few days (hours?) seems so Web 1.0. There’s no need to worry: simply choose the appropriate RSS feed and pop it into your favourite feed reader. You can subscribe to every entry, entries from specific categories or even particular tags.

Because tags are constantly being added I haven’t added the RSS feeds for individual tags to this list. If you would like to subscribe to all entries in a particular tag, though it’s ridiculously easy. Simply append ‘feed/’ to the end of the archive page for that tag. For instance, you can subscribe to all entries tagged ‘japan’ simply by putting this address into your favourite feed reader.

But wait, you say. That was all great when you were just posting real blog entries but now you’ve started doing that tumblelog linking crap that’s all the rage these days. What if I’m not interested in what other people wrote, just the stuff that you wrote? Worry no longer, vaguely-obsessed fan o’ mine. Voila! (I’ve also included the feed for just the links in case you like my taste but not my writing!)