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Jonathan Blow Talks About Truth in Game Design

I absolutely adore Jonathan Blow and delight in watching every presentation of his that I find.1 This one is similarly excellent. If you enjoy thinking about how meaning can exist in a system (and the pretentiousness of that sentence didn’t stop you right in your tracks), watch this. Sometimes I delight so much in watching […]

What's Wrong with Stating the Obvious?

I woke up this morning to read this piece by Latoya Peterson regarding the New York Comic Con panel ‘East Meets West: Art Direction for a Worldwide Audience’ (the piece was originally published on Racialicious). The panel featured Isamu Kamikokuryo, the art director of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Jonathan Jacques-BelletĂȘte, the art director of Deux […]

What Do I Listen To? 2011

In October of last year I moved permanently to Japan. Because I now work from home, my podcasting habits have been affected somewhat. I do still make time for podcasts but I’m not as desperate as I once was and I find it more difficult to force myself to, say, listen to my Japanese podcasts, […]

What Do I Listen To? 2010

These just seem to get later every year, don’t they? Initially it was January, then February, now it’s March. It’s probably good that I waited a couple of months, though, because there’s a few new ones that have snuck in just in time. Let’s see what I’m listening to this year and how many sentences […]

What Do I Listen To? 2009

I wrote the original ‘What Do I Listen To?’ more than a year ago and felt it was time to give it an update. Who are the up-and-comers? Who’s managed to hang on? Who’s fallen by the wayside? Read on to find out what’s on my iPod in 2009. The Brainy Gamer Podcast Last […]

A Story About DRM

I have a (slightly pretentious1) story for why legitimate customers dislike DRM. It is a story in four parts. I. Whereupon Our Hero Does the Right Thing One of the most successful PC games of all time is Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft. It has sold approximately nine million copies since it’s release in 1998. It is, […]

My Letter to Relic Entertainment

Since I frequently get reactions to things I write about on this blog (much to my surprise) I thought in light of my failure to get a response from Relic Entertainment I’d write them a letter and publish it here. Letters don’t usually have titles but if mine did it would be called, ‘Hi, I […]

The Importance of Being Impolite

So I’m reading this article in Edge magazine and I just have to stop. The interviewer is doing their best but the corporate blow-hard on the other end just won’t stop using words like ‘amazing’ and ‘blown away’ while he dodges questions and repeats corporate spin. The snookering of the media by corporate and political […]

(Slightly More) Constructive Criticism about GamerDNA

So I like Twitter. It’s a source of links, small nuggets of wisdom and also a place where you can vent to the world about whatever’s got your goat without needing to write it up all good and proper so it won’t look out of place on your otherwise tidy blog. (I expend literally hours […]

The Most Important Discussion of Video Games of 2007

Last year at the Montreal International Games Summit, Jonathan Blow gave a lecture entitled ‘Design Reboot’ that stirred a bit of controversy. It’s been available on his blog since last November as an mp3 download (with the PowerPoint slides he used) but for some time now I’ve been wishing it was written down somewhere. Because […]