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I quit school. In the last post I said that I planned to do something with a little more impact at the end of the month and that was it. Sort of. There were two options I was debating: one of them was to quit and the other was to go until the end of […]

Those Crappy Japanese Tech Companies

An article in the Washington Post by Chico Harlan on the decline of Japanese once-great tech companies got a fair bit of attention over the weekend for reasons that aren’t clear to me. The ‘fundamental problem’, according to Harlan, is that Japanese tech companies no longer seem able to create hit products people want. Before […]

Not Your Typical Japanese Typography

Every foreigner when they live in Japan for any length of time finds things to complain about. Being the wanker that I am, I remember that one of the very first things I whinged about was the absence of much variety in Japanese typography. I’m still not sure that criticism was entirely off the mark […]

The New iPad

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever bought an Apple device on the date it was released and I thought that I’d take the opportunity to share my first impressions. This isn’t a review. There are plenty of those around if you want to know if you should get one. Instead, here are three thoughts. […]

Only in Japan

Olympus has announced that they’re going to sue some of their currently serving executives for their alleged role in the accounting scandal that exploded after Olympus dismissed its foreign CEO, Michael Woodford, last year. The Olympus board will not require the executives to stand down, however. The group being sued includes the current president of […]

Interview with Former Prime Minister Nakasone

The website recently carried an interview with former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone where one of Japan’s most distinguished politicians opined on the problems with the current political predicament Japan finds itself in. As a previous prime minister, as well as someone who has been around the block a few more times than I have, […]

Now Sony is What?

Businessweek has a story in its latest issue about Sony. It was on the front page of Daring Fireball and linked to a couple of times in my Twitterstream. As a long time Sony fan, I was interested to see what it said. The article is terrible and I have no idea why anyone has […]

Renting Time

Good web software has a lot of upsides: speed, compatibility, network awareness and seemless updates. Those seemless updates have a downside, though. I use Google Maps three or four times a week. I also live in Japan. Until Saturday, when viewing Google Maps in English, the application displayed placed names in both kanji and romaji. […]

Six Months after the Tsunami

I don’t presume to understand Japanese politics but, looking at these photos, it seems hard to believe that the Government that has overseen such remarkable reconstruction isn’t doing better in the polls.

How to Win at 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'

Given how much more important ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ is in Japan this might not be as useful to you but I think it’s interesting if for no other reason than what it reveals about human psychology.