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I quit school. In the last post I said that I planned to do something with a little more impact at the end of the month and that was it. Sort of. There were two options I was debating: one of them was to quit and the other was to go until the end of […]

Not Your Typical Japanese Typography

Every foreigner when they live in Japan for any length of time finds things to complain about. Being the wanker that I am, I remember that one of the very first things I whinged about was the absence of much variety in Japanese typography. I’m still not sure that criticism was entirely off the mark […]

Renting Time

Good web software has a lot of upsides: speed, compatibility, network awareness and seemless updates. Those seemless updates have a downside, though. I use Google Maps three or four times a week. I also live in Japan. Until Saturday, when viewing Google Maps in English, the application displayed placed names in both kanji and romaji. […]

What Do I Listen To? 2011

In October of last year I moved permanently to Japan. Because I now work from home, my podcasting habits have been affected somewhat. I do still make time for podcasts but I’m not as desperate as I once was and I find it more difficult to force myself to, say, listen to my Japanese podcasts, […]

What Do I Listen To? 2010

These just seem to get later every year, don’t they? Initially it was January, then February, now it’s March. It’s probably good that I waited a couple of months, though, because there’s a few new ones that have snuck in just in time. Let’s see what I’m listening to this year and how many sentences […]

I Hate You, Research in Motion!

Work recently provided me with a Blackberry Bold, and while some things about it are really cool, some things remind you how shitty phones are. People complain about the fascist-like App Store Apple runs for the iPhone but sometimes the level of frustration you experience with other phones makes you beg to be put into […]

What Do I Listen To? 2009

I wrote the original ‘What Do I Listen To?’ more than a year ago and felt it was time to give it an update. Who are the up-and-comers? Who’s managed to hang on? Who’s fallen by the wayside? Read on to find out what’s on my iPod in 2009. The Brainy Gamer Podcast Last […]