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A Letter to John Siracusa or: Why Executives Are Never Fired

Dear John I’m taking your advice that if I have a comment in response to something you’ve said on your podcast Hypercritical, the best thing to do is to write a blog post about it so that other people can read it and benefit from it. In the latest episode, you discussed, among other things, […]

Is a Stupid Name?

One of the things I’ve seen repeatedly (and thought myself) in relation to is what a terrible name it is. Why didn’t they come up with something cool? John Siracusa on his Hypercritical podcast was the first person I heard to explain that the name expressed the idea of the service as really being […]

What Do I Listen To? 2011

In October of last year I moved permanently to Japan. Because I now work from home, my podcasting habits have been affected somewhat. I do still make time for podcasts but I’m not as desperate as I once was and I find it more difficult to force myself to, say, listen to my Japanese podcasts, […]