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Samsung Mobile Makes More Money than All of Google

The chart halfway down the page of this post by Horace Dediu blew me away.

The Future of Magazines

Craig Mod, who has written some of the best stuff about publishing in the digital age, has a crackerjack post about publishing and magazines.

A Letter to John Siracusa or: Why Executives Are Never Fired

Dear John I’m taking your advice that if I have a comment in response to something you’ve said on your podcast Hypercritical, the best thing to do is to write a blog post about it so that other people can read it and benefit from it. In the latest episode, you discussed, among other things, […]

Those Crappy Japanese Tech Companies

An article in the Washington Post by Chico Harlan on the decline of Japanese once-great tech companies got a fair bit of attention over the weekend for reasons that aren’t clear to me. The ‘fundamental problem’, according to Harlan, is that Japanese tech companies no longer seem able to create hit products people want. Before […]

More Journalists Doing Their Job

Speaking of how to write stories about Sony that aren’t shit, here’s Tim Kelly and Reiji Murai for Reuters also showing BusinessWeek how it’s done.

A Better Sony Story

Remember the piece of shit story about Sony a few months back from BusinessWeek? The New York Times’ Hiroko Tabuchi actually interviewed people (OMG!) and wrote it up like a real reporter.

Outside the Cocoon

I put my hands in my coat pockets and absentmindedly play around with the earphones that I’ve put in my left hand side pocket. I run my finger over the metal earphone jack, flicking its hard tip against my thumb. There’s a comfort to doing that I can’t explain. Something is wrong. The angle. The […]

How I Use My… iPhone Home Screen

I’ve been thinking for a while about a series of posts describing how I use things. Since my iPhone is the device I use most, it seemed like the logical place to begin. I imagine that I use my iPhone home screen differently to most people. Here’s a screenshot: As is quickly evident, I keep […]


Incredible radio.

The New iPad

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever bought an Apple device on the date it was released and I thought that I’d take the opportunity to share my first impressions. This isn’t a review. There are plenty of those around if you want to know if you should get one. Instead, here are three thoughts. […]