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The Failure of Standard & Poor’s

Great piece on the role that Standard & Poor’s played in the global financial crisis and the Australian court case that’s helped to expose it. And it deserves to be said that the design of the new Global Mail article view is terrific.1 There’s an increasing number of websites I don’t even bother using Instapaper […]

Evening Edition

Like a lot of other web nerds, I have quickly added Mule Design’s latest side project Evening Edition to my list of sites I check once a day. The quick summary is that every weekday Anna Rascou√ęt-Paz puts together an overview of the most important stories of the day. It hits the web at 5 […]

Google Instant and the Cursor/Arrow Keys

Google has rolled out another update to their search engine results which changes the look of the thumbnail previews (see here). Unfortunately, they’ve also listened to the guy who’s the top hit on these results. Prior to today, if you hit the down arrow on a search results page you would activate a caret on […]

The Poor Cousin

On 24 March, Google UK & Ireland (of all places) launched a website for a magazine it has produced called Think Quarterly. According to the website, Think Quarterly is a magazine which Google distributes to some of its business partners in order to ‘communicate’. Why Google would want to do this is not clear to […]

What Do I Listen To? 2011

In October of last year I moved permanently to Japan. Because I now work from home, my podcasting habits have been affected somewhat. I do still make time for podcasts but I’m not as desperate as I once was and I find it more difficult to force myself to, say, listen to my Japanese podcasts, […]

An Alternative Design

After the discussion in a previous blog post, I tried to create an alternative to the current New York Times Opinion page that dealt with the issues I had. (The image was mocked up very quickly and I didn’t bother properly lining things up, so apologies there.) Linklines I’ve dispensed with the headlines as I […]

I am a Crazy Person

I hate clutter. I’m typing this while writing in a room that looks like a bomb hit it so allow me to be more specific. I hate information clutter. Really hate isn’t the right word because it’s not like I get worked up about it.1 I mean hate in the sense of can’t stand it […]

What Do I Listen To? 2010

These just seem to get later every year, don’t they? Initially it was January, then February, now it’s March. It’s probably good that I waited a couple of months, though, because there’s a few new ones that have snuck in just in time. Let’s see what I’m listening to this year and how many sentences […]

Growing Up

People are getting better at this whole web design thing. I had reason to head over to the website for Foreign Affairs magazine the other day and it’s one spiffy little number. I find this happening quite often lately: I head over to an unvisited site expecting the worst only to discover it’s pretty, easy […]

The Turn of the Small Fry or Thoughts on Advertising and Reading

Mandy Brown has a great post that concisely describes the dilemma of advertising and reading on the web. The disruption of the reading experience by advertising is an issue I feel incredibly strongly about and one that has prompted me to adopt a variety of strategies, from avoiding particular web sites altogether to using tools […]